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Volleyball Sayings - The Power of Your Mind

These volleyball sayings focus on the power of mind. The power of mind plays a big part in self development.

Athletes can use subconscious mind to assist making their dreams and goals reality.

Through repetitive messages in form of audio tapes or readings we can make a difference since what we continuously think about will eventually exist in our life.

Volleyball Sayings - Using Mind Power to Your Advantage

How athletes can use this powerful asset?

How they can use it to their advantage and avoid negative self talk to stay positive all the times?

  • Begin trusting your mind: “Trust the power of your subconscious mind.”

  • Get rid of your old negative thoughts: “All thoughts of playing limitations and restrictions are permanently leaving you.”

  • Record new images to your mind: “Positive images will be permanently recorded to the memory bank of your subconscious mind. When needed they will automatically provide you subconscious mind the positive commands of the winner.”

  • As a result of these new positive images: “You are confident, you are invincible, you are a champion”. --Unknown

How to Use Your Subconscious Mind?

Feel free to use this unlimited mind power source during the competition; it will always be there when you need it.

A player can use subconscious mind training when preparing to matches or practices.

Every once in a while the old negative thoughts will appear; especially that time listening or reading positive phrases is recommended. You can eliminate the negative self talk by staying positive and repeating positive thoughts.

“In order to do impossible, you must first see it visible”

“….soon you are building up confidence, feeling that you can do it all.”

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