Profiles of the Famous Volleyball Players

Read about the famous female volleyball players. Introducing a couple of stars from the world's top women's volleyball team of Cuba.

Yumilka Ruiz (CUB)

Yumilka Ruiz is one of the most impressive figures on the volleyball courts.

famous volleyball players Yumilka Ruiz from Cuba Yumilka Ruiz from Cuba

If anybody ever has any doubts about women’s jumping ability, they should see this woman play. For sure she jumps much more than most men; Ruiz can fly!

Yumilka Ruiz is considered one of the best players in the world; not only because of her jumping ability, but she is also a very skilled player and guaranteed to be on the best scorers or best spikers list during the tournaments.

Captain of the Cuban women’s volleyball team, Yumilka Ruiz has been our long-time favorite player and would be our bias pick for the best player in the world award.

Quick Facts - Yumilka Ruiz:

Name: Yumilka Ruiz Luaces
Team Name: Ruiz
First Name: Yumilka
Last Name: Ruiz Luaces

Born: May 8, 1979 in Cuba
Hometown: Habana
Position: Outside hitter
Height: 179 cm/5-9
Weight: 62 kg/137lbs
Spike: 326 cm/10-7
Block: 305 cm/10 feet

1997 World Grand Prix - silver
1998 World Championship - gold
1998 World Grand Prix - bronze
1999 World Cup - gold
2000 Olympic Games - gold
2000 Grand Prix - gold
2004 Olympic Games - bronze

Individual Awards:
Best Scorer 2002 World Championships
Best Spiker 2004 World Grand Prix
Best Spiker 2004 World Grand Prix
Best Spiker 2005 World Grand Prix (Preliminary round)

Uralochka- Ekaterinburg (Russia), Camaguey (Cuba), Cuba Women’s National Team

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Nancy Carrillo (CUB)

Carrillo has an amazing jump serve and she is best known for causing lots of damage to opponent’s passing with her strong serving game.

famous volleyball players Nancy Carrillo from Cuba Nancy Carrillo from Cuba

Strong offense and her powerful blocking make her nearly unbeatable player on her middle blocker’s position.

Regardless of her young age (born Jan 11, 1986), she is already an experienced veteran. She has been playing at the world’s top level since she turned 16. She was selected the best server in the world’s championships in 2002 when she was 16 years old!

What an amazing volleyball player Nancy Carrillo is, along with the teammate Ruiz she makes Cuban matches enjoyable to watch.

Quick Facts - Nancy Carrillo:

Name: Nancy Carrillo de la Paz

Team name: Carrillo
First name: Nancy
Last name: Carrillo de la Paz

Born: January 11, 1986 in Cuba
Hometown: Habana
Position: Middle Blocker
Height: 190 cm/6-2
Weight: 74 kg/163 lbs
Spike 320 cm/10-5
Block 315 cm/10-3

Uralochka Ekaterinburg, Ciudad de la Habana (Cuba), Cuba Women’s National Team

Olympic Games 2004 - bronze

Individual Awards:
Best Server 2002 World’s Championships (at the age of 16!)
Best Blocker 2005 World Grand Prix
Best Server 2005 World Grand Prix (Preliminary Round)
Best Spiker 2007 Women's World Cup

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