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Basic Volleyball Passing Tips – Overhead Pass

Overhead volleyball passing has become a widely used technique since loosening the rules and allowing the double hit with the first contact.
Volleyball Techniques - Passing Overhead

Generally speaking when the ball is high above the player’s shoulders/head, player should pass the ball with overhead pass (taking into consideration that the serve is not extremely powerful). 

Overhead volleyball serve receive differs slightly from the setting. It can be significantly rougher than regular set since double contact is allowed with the first contact.

Overhead Passing - How?

Volleyball Passing Overhead

  • Keep the fingers "more tighten up", more stift and hands maybe slightly closer together compared to regular setting.
    The volleyball travels faster on volleyball serve, therefore the adjustment is necessary. 

For information how to practice these volleyball skills, click the volleyball drills link below.

Volleyball Drills Passing

Overhead Passing - When?

  • Player should use overhead passing especially on the short serves since the volleyball is not traveling that fast with themVolleyball Drills - Passing Overhead

  • The player should use overhead passing when the ball travels above the head. Just notice that hard jump serves can be impossible to pass with overhead pass

  • When performing overhead pass, the passer have to get directly under the ball. It is very difficult trying to perform overhead pass unless the ball is directly above your forehead.

Overhead Passing - Why?

The overhead volleyball serve receive is Volleyball Passing Overhead

  • usually more accurate and easier method to pass a high flying ball to the setter

  • a little bit faster way to get the ball from the passer to the setter

  • helps to receive the serves that are traveling high above the passers shoulders or head.

To find information about the volleyball serve receive and extending your passing range, click the link below.

Volleyball Serve Receive

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