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Volleyball drills passing overhead -section focuses on the overhead serve receive with fingers.

Volleyball Drills - Passing Overhead

On "volleyball passing skills" page you already learned about the overhead passing and how it differs from the setting.

If you want to learn about the overhead passing technique, read the other pages.

Volleyball Passing Overhead - When to Use It

Overhead passing should be trained as any other passing skill. The coach should progressively work out different passing scenarios to make different passing forms automatic in the game situation.

Player can perform overhead passVolleyball Techniques - Passing Overhead
  • with the short serves since those serves are not that powerful

  • generally speaking everytime the ball is above the shoulders and head, considering it is not extremely powerful serve

Volleyball Drills Passing Overhead -  Receiving Short Serve

When performing these passing drills on the net, the coach needs to add a target by the net. The goal is to learn to pass a short serve with overhead passing.

If you have read the previous drills pages, these follow the same principles.Volleyball Skills - Passing Overhead
  • The coach starts first by tossing the ball over the net, standing fairly close to the net.

  • The player start from the regular passing distance and tosser tosses the ball around 10 feet.

  • Player takes quick steps forward, stops the movement, places the feet correctly to balanced position.

  • And performs the overhead pass above the forehead to the target.

  • IMPORTANT! Players tend to make a tiny little pass to the setter. Fast passes are are fine, but still it got to have some air under it.

  • Player returns back and repeats. If coach makes the players to sprint fast, remember they get exhausted really quick. And techniques should not be practiced when overly tired.

  • When players are ready, tosser can start stepping back and at some point start using serve instead of throw.

Volleyball Drills Passing Overhead - Receiving High Serve

Volleyball Passing Overhead
  • Once again the coach starts first by tossing the ball over the net, standing fairly close to the net.

  • The player start from the regular passing distance and tosser tosses a high flying ball above player's shoulder level

  • The player moves under the volleyball, stops the movement to get a steady and balanced position by having both feet on the ground

  • The player places the volleyball above the forehead

  • The player performs the overhead pass, remembering the tips we gave on volleyball passing skills section

  • When players progress tosser steps back and changes the toss to the serve at some point

  • The tosser or server can add difficulty by making the player take shuffle steps to different directions

As always when practicing passing it is a good idea to serve different kind of serves (top spin serve, float serve) and change the power of the throws or serves.

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