Volleyball Conditioning Drills - Basics of Volleyball Conditioning

Our volleyball conditioning drills focus on specific needs of a volleyball player.

Introduction to Volleyball Conditioning

How do we get more strength?

  • Basically muscle will get stronger when we “overload” it and make it work beyond its normal intensity.

In the beginning any workout would make you stronger. As long as you overload the muscle more than it is used to.

Yes, it is that simple.

However, we will go beyond that. It is the most beneficial to train specific muscles and movements you need in volleyball.

In our pages you find conditioning information, which focuses on specific functions you need in volleyball.

Volleyball Conditioning - Specific Training Needs

Individuals have different needs
We want to help you to understand the some basic concepts of conditioning.

How to train strength for volleyball?

How to train quickness for volleyball?

When you understand those basics, then it is easier to train according to specific needs volleyball athletes have.


Sometimes due to injury or another sport athlete might have only limited time to prepare for the season.  From our resources the athlete will find a short program to get ready for the season.

Or maybe there is a specific need which the athlete wants to work on for the shorter period of time.

For example, if according to tests athlete is quick enough, but she is lacking on strength, our purpose is to make it clear how to improve the strength part and help her to maximize her potential.

We provide you information how to train the specific needs an athlete may have.
Different sports have different needs

It is important to notice athletes have different needs for conditioning.

For example: there is no sense for volleyball player to do football player’s workout; the requirements of the sports are so different.

Or there is no sense for volleyball player to run long distance, which many of the volleyball coaches are still making their players do. (You’ll find an explanation for that later on.)

Conditioning for Volleyball - Sports Specific Training

All the volleyball conditioning exercises we provide are very carefully picked and are exercises you need the most when playing volleyball.

In the beginning you will practice with your own body weight because it is extremely important to learn the correct techniques first. You are doing the same movement patterns but without weights or with very low weights first.

Your own body weight is good enough to overload your muscles in the beginning. It prepares you to lift weights later.

Functional Training in Volleyball – Training should always be functional

An athlete needs to train the movements needed in volleyball, not individual muscles.

This kind of training is called functional training, which trains your functionality and sport specific movements, not specific muscles.

We focus on volleyball movement patterns in our strength training exercises.

Simple Volleyball Exercises – Beginner to Pro

As we are planning the training with a long term perspactive, the collection of exercises remains the same through the years.

Movement patterns you learn in the beginning are used also in advanced levels.

Once you learn the exercises, you can use them through your whole career. (Exception: there are few exercises which are only for the players who have extensive strength training experience).

To get some specific exercises, explore the Conditioning Drills through the links below.

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