Medicine Ball Workout Routine

Explore medicine ball workout tips. Complete this training program by the medicine ball exercises we mentioned in the previous pages. Find out how to add core strength or inches to your vertical jump by medicine ball training.

Basics of Medicine Ball Workout Routine:

Medicine Ball Workout

  • Routine includes about 6-10 different throws.

  • An athlete performs the 8-12 throws before moving to the next exercise.

  • Rest period is 1-3 minutes between each exercise. In the beginning when the focus is in learning the techniques and athlete is putting less power behind each throw, 1 minute rest (or even 30 sec) is appropriate.

  • After the exercises has completed, athlete repeats the whole routine 2 – 3 times.

  • The weight of the ball can be anything between 1 - 8 pounds (or 0.5 - 4 kg). In the beginning an athlete should use very light 1 - 2 pound (or 0.5 – 1 kg) ball. Even volleyball or basketball is heavy enough to get a good workout in the beginning.

  • Medicine Ball Exercises

  • When throwing ball during the maximum training season or right before the season, weight of the ball and intensity of practice are increased (adding more power and having longer rest periods).

  • Increasing intensity means putting more power behind each throw, maybe cutting the amount of throws in each exercise and giving more rest between each exercise.

  • Remember that each throw has to be explosive and before anything you are working on your core, particularly your abs and back muscles.

  • Common mistake in the beginning is: the athlete will throw the ball primarily by the arms. An athlete needs to activate the core and use abs and back muscles to throw the ball; the power and control of the volleyball spike comes from the core.

How Often to do Med Ball Workout?

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Medicine Ball Exercise to Add Vertical Jump

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