Medicine Ball Exercises – Explosive Power to Your Specific Sport

Medicine ball exercises are one of the best methods to add explosive power and sport specific strength.

Medicine ball workouts are suitable for several sports involving explosive power, especially the sports that involve hitting, throwing, swinging etc – and sports that involve jumping, bounding, hopping etc.

Medicine ball workouts are absolutely gold for any sport that requires explosive power.

The Idea behind Medicine Ball Training

Medicine ball workouts

Medicine Ball Workout

  • enable athletes to do sport specific training

  • focus on the core muscles which are the power source of your hit, throw, swing, jump etc.
Abs, back muscles, hips and glutes are often generating the power to your sport specific strength.

Which athletes medicine ball exercises will be good for?

The list of different sports the medicine ball training fits well is long; hockey players, golfers, basketball players, combat sports athletes, handball players, various track & field athletes- just to name few.

Medicine ball workout fits to the training program of

Medicine Ball Workout

  • any sport in which the athlete executes a powerful hit, throw or swing assisted by the middle body (the core)
  • or the sport that involves a vertical jump or any kind of lift-up from the ground.
As a specific example Javelin throwers or volleyball players benefit from medicine ball training because those sports involve powerful throwing or hitting which require strong middle body strength. It fits perfectly to volleyball players training routine because the sport involves a powerful hip and back extension when jumping.

How often you should do medicine ball training?

Medicine Ball Exercises

If you haven't done medicine ball training before and frequently lift weights or use other training methods, we strongly recommend adding it to your program.

We will guarantee much added power to your throw, hit, swing or spike - just after four to six weeks of training – even if doing the medicine ball exercises only once a week.

If an athlete doesn't practice traditional weight lifting or any other training, it could be repeated up to 2-3 times a week.

Why Should I Do Medicine Ball Exercises?

When throwing the medicine ball your core muscles (hips, glutes, abs, back), legs and arms work simultaneously "as a chain".

It is the most beneficial to train those muscles act together (as a chain) vs. training them each individually with some workout machines.

Example of Medicine Ball Workout Routine

Here are examples of different med ball exercises to be thrown by both hands:

Medicine Ball Exercises

  • overhead slamming the ball to the ground

  • overhead throws to the distance

  • overhead throws to the distance when kneeling

  • overhead pull over to the distance when laying on your back

  • toss from the side while sitting

  • toss from the side when standing

  • chest passes

  • scoop (upwards, forward, backwards)
For general information about the rest periods, repetitions and sets, go to the following medicine ball workout link.

Medicine Ball Workout

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