Fun Volleyball Drills -
Advanced Drills For Teamwork and Unity

These fun volleyball drills include a fun teambuilding aspect. Drills teach important volleyball strategies about the team offense and defense.

Purpose of these offensive volleyball drills is to build teamwork and unity in the team.

Fun Volleyball Drills - Swing the Ball to the Block!


Very often teams pay no attention to one important offensive method, which teams at the top level use very effectively. It is "to swing the volleyball to the block with a purpose to get it covered up back to the setter."

In this drill an offensive player intends to swing the ball to the block and covering defenders will play the ball to the setter to build a better opportunity to score a point.

Fun Volleyball Drills Example - Offensive Volleyball Drill with Coverage

Offensive Player
In this type of volleyball play, teamwork between the players is crucial.

The offensive player has to know it is safe to hit the ball to the block.

The spiker has to know there are teammates who will help him/her and cover the ball.

Defensive Player on the Coverage

fun volleyball drills 2

From the defensive player's angle this method is a confident booster since it gives the defender more responsibility in the team.

The defender knows the hitter trusts him/her to cover the volleyball up when the hitter swings the ball to the block. As a result the covering defender feels s/he really is an important part of the offense.

This method should act as an extra motivation to cover (which in all honesty is often ignored by many players).

Coaching Tips in These Fun Volleyball Drills

The coach can pay attention to the importance of coverage by running this offense-coverage drill.

fun volleyball drills 3

The coach can use this drill as an opportunity to teach players about teamwork and working together as one unit.

It is important to get the coverage scheme organized because it builds trust between the players and builds up unity.

When this volleyball drill is executed correctly, the coach will see how much team members enjoy working together and helping each other.

How to Keep These Fun Volleyball Drills Simple for the Beginning Volleyball Players?

Keep in mind this is a very advanced drill and requires very skilled players. We rated this drill with 4 stars in our scale, which means to make it run smoothly players' skills need to be at the high level.

When team practices this coverage scheme, it is important for coach to keep things simple.

Keep It Simple!
In the beginning it is better not to add any other aspects into the drill. For example do not allow spikers to get a kill, their job is to swing a ball that will be blocked and can be covered.

fun volleyball drills 4

Make your players focus just on covering the spiker and working together as a team.

Every player's job is to make up a drill that serves one purpose only: to get the ball covered.

Next Progression: more game-like

One more time: coverage combined with offense is complicated and difficult enough by itself, therefore no other aspects should be added into the drill, yet. In the beginning it is better the players focus solely on hitting the ball to the block.

Later on the coach adds defenders to the other side and gives spikers opportunity to kill the ball, or to play it back to the own team by using the block - exactly like in the match.

How to Make the Drill Easier for Beginners?

It is very likely that players are not able to get the drill going in the beginning. Therefore be ready to ease up the drill.

The Coach as the Hitter
I.e. for the less experienced players the coach may want to be the hitter in the drill and be the one to swing the volleyball to the block.

fun volleyball drills 5

Call the Rally Off After Coverage

Other way to ease up the drill is to call the rally off when the ball returns after the coverage to the setter or the hitter.

They catch the ball and the ball feeder immediately tosses a new, more controlled ball to the setter.

If this drill controlled by limiting the length of the rally and there is a skilled player (or coach) to swing the ball, the drill can be done even by less experienced players. When you don't make the drill too complex in the beginning, you'll notice how much fun players have helping each other.

This is not easy, but it definitely is one of the most exciting drills for the players I have ever experienced.

Want the Practice Lay-Out?

Click this link to check how to set up these fun volleyball practice drills

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