Positive Volleyball Sayings

These volleyball sayings are build on positivity. The power of positive self-talk is evident through them.

How to Build Confidence in Volleyball? How to Build Condidence in Volleyball?

We have gathered these motivational commands and phrases from audio recording about athlete’s mental preparation, which was given us by our athlete friend.

One day he finally released the secret of endless tournament wins and his winning mind by telling about his mental training exercises and self development tapes.

It is recommended for athlete to listen audios to make your mind more powerful.

Reading and repeating these quotes as positive self talk will also work to your advantage.

Volleyball Sayings - How to Use Positive Self Talk for Self Development?

Repeat these phrases often, read the quote slowly three times before proceeding to the next one.

They will give you a positive self believe and motivation - and keep negative thoughts away.

Inspirational Volleyball Sayings

“I am invincible, the drive and purpose of the winner - flows through my body.”

Volleyball Sayings to Inspire How to become a self-confident volleyball player?

“There is no limit to my strength, power and quickness. I have more than enough to win every match.”

“My potential is great - I compete with the confidence of the champion… point after point…. game after game."

“Nothing bothers in the heat of competition –I am poised and cool - and always in control of my actions and reactions.” “I let go of all the past limitations and mistakes, they are gone….. forever.”

“My enthusiasm and aggressiveness in practice pays off….. in each day I’ll play better, in every way.”

“My moves and reflects are smooth, quick and sure. I am the winner - each time I compete.”

Volleyball Quotes to Make You InvincibleHow to get encourage to perform?

“I do the thing that is hard to do - and the power comes.” “Over concern and over trying are unnecessary because I trust to the power of my subconscious.”

“I am free to take any risk to win the match.” “I possess all the confidence, control and concentration necessary to play my best.”

“My mind’s energy is clearly focused here and now, nothing distracts me of completing the point perfectly.” 

“The positive expectation of winning feeling is always with me - and I always expect to win.”

“I have the power and encourage to successfully play the match - I have imagined.”

“I work harder, practice longer and play smarter than my opponents. My quest is to be – the best.”

-- Unknown --

P.S. We do not know the origin of these motivational volleyball quotes; the creator is unknown. If anybody knows this unknown source, please let us know so we can give credit to the creator of these powerful phrases.

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