Volleyball Cheers to Lift Up Your Team - Volleyball Ace Cheers, etc.

Collection of volleyball cheers - blocking cheers, ace cheers, spiking cheers - that can be used by the team between the rallies.

Plus some cheers that are used by the crowd during the rallies.

Volleyball Cheers During the Rallies

Volleyball Cheerleader In some countries a common way to cheer in the volleyball games is to cheer “one”, “two” and “three” during the home team’s offense. In other words the crowd counts..
  • “one!!!” on the serve receive
  • “two!!!” on the set
  • “three!!!” on the hit

It sounds nice and definitely different cheer than in other sports.

Just don't twist your tongue, if the setter decides to set a quick set to the middle hitter :-)

Variation 2 During the Rallies

Another variation for it is to call initials of your school or team, if it happens to have three of them. For example the school is CMS so the crowd yells.. Volleyball Cheerleader
  • "C!!!!" on the pass...
  • "M!!!!" on the set...
  • "S!!!!" on the hit….

The crowd can do it even on every play. It is easy, fun and helps to get the crowd into the game. 


If your school happens to have four letters, you can call the fourth letter when the balls hits opponent’s court..

Volleyball Ace Cheers

If you hit an ace, say..  Volleyball Cheer

  • Ahhhh ACE! A-C-E! ACE!

  • "One... Two... Three... ACE!"

  • Ace- AHH ace!

  • A{stomp} C{stomp} E{stomp} ace {stomp}
    {and land in the middle with your team mates}

Volleyball Ace Cheers – Shank Chants

If opponent shanks, you can do the following chant:

  • “to the window, to the wall, we saw you shank that ball..
    shank you very much”

  • "Ace, ace in your face" 

Volleyball Cheers – Volleyball Kill Cheer

  • “Ahhhh KILL, KILL, KILL!!!"Volleyball Cheer

  • “AHH killaaa!”

  • (after a bomb hit, everyone runs into the middle and says 'tick tick' and jump backwards and then say..) “BOOM!!”

  • "Tick, Tick, BOOM!"

Volleyball Cheers – for Tipping

  • “tip, tip, tipper”  Volleyball Cheer

  • “whoop whoop swish” (plus throw your hands up, wave them twice, then throw them down on swish)

  • (Team makes a circle in the middle, everybody puts an arm up, points hand to the left, then right and cheers..) “Tip tip!”

Volleyball Cheers – For Blocking

(followed by slamming your hands down to the floor.. or imitating a block.. and pronouncing..)Volleyball Cheer

  • “She said NO!!” 

  • "De-NIED!!"


  • "Shingle, Shingle, ROOF!"

(all players get together in the middle, do the blocking motion, then make a really deep noise..)
  • “Uhhhhh!” or “Nooooooo!”

“You try to get
All in our space
We slam that ball
Back in your face!”

Volleyball Cheers and Chants – Serving
Volleyball Cheer

You better duck
You better hide
‘Cuz (server’s name) is serving to your side. 

If you are winning points in a row..

“we won another one just like the other one - instant (clap clap) - repeat (clap clap)”

Volleyball Cheers – Pump up Volleyball Chants

Team itself, cheerleaders or the crowd can use these to raise the spirit of the team before the match: Volleyball Cheer

"3 is her number!
(team echos)
Audrey is her name!
(team echos)
She's 1 reason!
(team echos)
We're gonna win the game!

“we'll B-E-A-T beat um
we'll B-U-S-T bust them
beat um bust them that’s our custom”

pump pump pump it up!
(echo - rest of team) pump pump pump it up!
pump that (school name) spirit up!
(echo - rest of team) pump that (school name) spirit up!
crank crank crank it up!
(echo - rest of team) crank crank crank it up!
crank that (school name) spirit up!
(echo - rest of team) crank that (school name) spirit up!
keep keep keep it up!
(echo - rest of team) keep keep keep it up!
keep that (school name) spirit up!
(echo - rest of team) keep that (school name) spirit up!
We've got a team that's backed by pride.
There must be some (Lions) on our side.
Stand up and yell, for our victory tonight.
Come On (Lions) fight fight fight.

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