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We use Twitter to deliver the best volleyball training and coaching information in the web to you. 

By clicking the links we share you can read interesting articles and blogs posts about volleyball training, nutrition, sports psychology, etc.

What is Twitter?

  • Twitter allows person to post short under 140 character post,VolleyballAdvisors.com on Facebook which gets delivered for the people who are “following you” (It is similar to “adding a friend” on Facebook or Myspace). 

  • Twitter is a fun tool to keep in touch with your friends. For example you can tell your friends

    • how your volleyball tournament is progressing..
    • how many kills you got in the volleyball match..
  • Besides for volleyball information sharing, we use Twitter outside the volleyball regularly – we use it to keep in touch with ourTwitter Logo friends and family. 

Why do we use Twitter?
Our purpose is to be more than a cold website in the web – we are forming an interactive volleyball community and Twitter allows us to interact with you and deliver constant volleyball updates to you.

Twitter Logo
How to start using Twitter?
1. Sign up

2. Follow the person

After you have signed up and following us….
We may post on Twitter:
  • “we just found a great article about Misty May on www.website.com” 
  • “We just caught an interview with Tom Logan, it is posted at www…..”
  • “Check out this volleyball training website. Nice volleyball drills listed on www….”Twitter Logo
..and you get that update immediately. 

Where the message is delivered?
You can choose the way the posts (Tweets) are delivered to you.

  • You can receive posts into your twitter website account when you log in, or
  • you can order posts into your email box, or
  • you can order posts directly into your cell phone (mobile phone)

How to Find Volleyball Advisors on Twitter?
Our twitter username is volleyball_fan and you find us by clicking the badge below, or copying and pasting the URL into your browser.

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More about Twitter and other microblogging tools
I am sure you are familiar with Twitter or other popular microblogging and messaging tools, but here is a little bit more information how they function.Twitter Logo

  • Twitter is a microblogging tool which allow person to post short under 140 character posts.  

  • People who choose to “follow” this particular person are able to receive his/her posts.

  • It is your choice how you want the Twitter posts (called Tweets) to be delivered to you.

    • Standard delivery method is to get Tweets on your account at Twitter website.

    • Or you can have them delivered to your email address or even your cell phone (mobile phone).

  • Twitter allows you to send messages to your friends and family – Twitter Logoand receive messages from them. You can also send private messages, which are only seen by the person you sent them to.

    We use Twitter to deliver volleyball and training information to our followers.  Follow Us!

More information about the Twitter at
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