Rules for Playing Volleyball Could Be Changing (One More Time..)

Rules for playing volleyball have changed in 1990's and 2000's quite a bit with the libero rules and new scoring, etc.

rules for playing volleyball libero

So, it shouldn't be a surprise that volleyball rules could be changing again?

BUT can you believe that..

Front Row Attack Could Be Becoming Illegal!

Rules for Playing Volleyball - Could Front Row Attack Really Becoming Illegal?

FIVB, international governing body has been testing new volleyball rules to make the front row attack illegal for the receiving team?

To Support or Not to Support?

Tests started a couple of years ago. FIVB tests claim the proposed changes would be successful and majority of nations support the rules changes. Top volleyball nations did not support it.

However, in the beginning of 2010 it was suggested by Rules of the Game Committee, Coaches and Referees to FIVB Executive Bureau not to support the changes, because changes would not be good for women's or junior volleyball.

Which side you would take?

What do you think about?

Sounds too dramatic? Is it going to change the game too much?

State your opinion. Add comments by clicking the link to Q/A section below.

Should the rules remain the same as they are? Want to propose your own changes?

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What is Behind the Proposed Changes in Volleyball Rules?

Rules for Playing Volleyball - the Issues in Today's Game

Let's take an objective look at the game facts to find out what is behind the proposed dramatic changes?

rules for playing volleyball overhead serve receive

Let's try to understand governing body's point of view.

The issues in today's game:
  • The rallies are short. About 80% of the rallies stop after the first attack or serve.

  • Extremely tall players are dominating. The government body's goal is to make "volleyball for all".

  • Increased serving errors at the top level are bothering the spectators.

Why Volleyball Rallies Are Short?

The rallies are short because:
Rules for Playing Volleyball - Hitting
  • Offense is superior compared to defense.
    Why? Defensive players don't have enough time to react to the spike the attackers are too close, or the court is too big to defend.

  • Offensive players (4 of them) are superior to the block (3 of them).

  • Service Errors
    Why? Serving team chooses to take big risks in serves. Otherwise chances to stop the offense are small. (22% of the rallies halt from the serve).

Rules for Playing Volleyball - Goal of the New Proposed Rules in Volleyball:

rules-for-playing-volleyball-serving.jpg Float serving will increase again?

  • FIVB, the governing body wants to give a better opportunity for the defending team to dig the ball up.
    Rally continuation probability after the counter attack is 50%. Therefore they want rally to continue further than the first attack in each rally.

  • Reduce interruptions from serve.

    Players do not have to take big risks with the serve, since they have better changes to dig the ball up with the new rules.

Rules of Playing Volleyball - What are the Proposed Changes?

So, the governing body is proposing to "reduce the kills" of the receiving team by making a rule "the offensive play after serve receive can be attacked only behind 10 feet line (3 meter line)."

Other benefits:

rules for playing volleyball hitting 3

The international governing body, FIVB also hopes this will decrease the size of the players because giants are not needed to stop the giant front row hitters. (Less height and reach is needed to stop a back row attack vs. front row attack).
Fans will see players flying and using the airborne skills. (The players have to jump and fly more when they hit back row.)

Less injuries since attackers are further off for the receiving team.

Extra Notes:

(Note: The goal of FIVB is to not to change the characteristics of the game and keep the rules changes simple. The proposed rules changes doesn't require any change in the court or ball and wouldn't cause any financial burden.)

(Editor's note: There must have been discussions about changing the court size, lines or the ball also, but governing body chose not to go that route.)


What do you think? Thumbs up or down?

Write your own valuable comments and join the discussion?

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