How to Build Self Confidence for Volleyball

by Arif Ahamed

How to build self confidence to spike the ball with authority? When playing with a new team often I am not able to perform at my highest level.

Answer for How to Build Self Confidence

Our expert, Dave answered to a similar question in the other thread. He referred to the “volleyball self-image”.

Mental training professionals use the following methods to build the confidence:

1. Visualizations
Imagine and watch yourself spiking or performing any other skill successfully. When we see ourselves doing something over and over again, we start believing we can do it. So you should visualize yourself approaching, jumping and getting a great kill in the match.

2. Self-affirmations
Make up some volleyball related statements, then repeat those several times a day. We tend to believe what other people say about us - and we also believe our own thoughts. Make up some positive commands, i.e. “I have successfully hit the ball down to line in practice, so I know I am capable to do it in the match also”.

3. Set goals
When we set up goals and achieve them, it helps us to improve our confidence. Make a clear plan how to achieve those goals.

To read the full answer, go to Building Confidence for Top Volleyball Performance

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