Basic Skills in Volleyball - Volleyball Juggling

The following drills are a simple way to improve basic skills in volleyball, especially for the beginning volleyball players.

Basic Skills in Volleyball - What Is "Volleyball Juggling"?

Basic Skills in Volleyball - Setting

  • The player repeats volleyball hit after another by her/himself. For example

    • Player repeats sets
    • Player repeats forearm passes
    • By changing the height: 2-balls, high balls up to the sealing, etc
    • Mixing up one hand sets, one hand passes into the mix
    • Mixing up "pokes", "tomahawks" into the mix
    • Rotating 180 or 360 clockwise and counter clockwise when performing them
    • Touching the ground between the hits
    • Jumping between the hits
    • Clapping hands between the hits
    • Closing eyes between the hits
    • By using the wall, instead of hitting the ball straight up you can hit it forward or backwards
    • By using the net, you can make up many more "juggling tricks"
    • Hitting the ball over the net and moving to another side and repeating it one after another
    • Etc.

Why to "Juggle"? - Juggling improves the basic skills in volleyball

Basic Skills in Volleyball

  • Good warm ups for players of all ages and levels, from beginners to pros.

  • One great example of this is performing forearm pass straight up as high as you can go. If the gym is high enough, you’ll be surprised to see even the very best volleyball players struggling with it.

  • Example: Passing Extremely High Ball

    • It improves your passing since the ball placement on your arms has to be perfect; otherwise the player keeps running around the gym to chase the ball.
    • Pay attention to how more accurate the forearm pass becomes when you keep your eyes on the ball when it hits your arms.
    • Often in passing players don’t follow it all the way through. When ball takes surprising move at the last moment - the ball will be passed poorly, shanked. You’ll improve your passing just by watching the ball hitting your arms.
    • This "high bump-set straight up" is also a great way for setters to improve their bump setting. After performing them, bump setting becomes much easier task.

Why to "Juggle"?

Basic Skills in Volleyball

  • Improves ball control, therefore are great especially for the beginning players

  • Improves hand-eye coordination

  • By using walls it is possible to make up many juggling drills which help players to keep working on the skills during practice downtimes

    • For example if there is an extra setter for the drill, s/he can go and perform some jiggling drills to the side while waiting for the turn

  • Have you seen basketball players bouncing the ball and doing tricks while walking? Be careful, if doing these tricks on the walkways, but you can perform these juggling drills while taking a walk to practice gym or beach.

What is the purpose of these juggling drills?

Basic Skills in Volleyball

The purpose is to improve ball control and hand-eye coordination.

Many of these juggling skills for example pokes and one hand digs are mainly used to improve ball control. As last resort they may be used in the game situation also - sometimes they may save you a point.

To get specific examples how to practice basic skills in volleyball by juggling, click the following link:

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